Our packers are so important and we accomplish a lot together, they sell raisins all around the world and take personal worth in being global suppliers to the worlds finest California raisins. They meet the finest quality and safety measurements to make sure their consumers are being delivered the finest product available.




Boghosian Raisin Packing Co., Inc.
Philip Boghosian                      

726 S. 8th Street
Fowler, CA 93625
(559) 834-1419
 FAX (559) 834-1419


"The Boghosian family has been farming for over 75 years. Established in 1938, and processing and marketing since 1965, our business has evolved into a financially strong, fully vertically integrated operation. Our customer base consists of industrial, foodservice, retail, and organic companies who demand the highest quality product."

Caruthers Raisin Packing Co., Inc.
Dennis Housepian
12797 S. Elm Avenue
Caruthers, CA 93609
 (559) 864-9448
FAX (559) 864-3849


"In 1985 our grower-owners formed Caruthers Raisin Packing located in the heart of the great San Joaquin Valley of California just 15 minutes southwest of Fresno. Since then Caruthers Raisin has grown to be a major packer of bulk and consumer packs for Asia, Europe and the United States."


Central California Packing Co. 
Dan Miliovich
5316 Del Rey Avenue
Del Rey, CA 93616
(559) 888-2195
FAX (559) 888-2298

"Central California Raisin Packing Co, Inc is located at 5316 S Del Rey Ave in Del Rey and has been in the business of Fruit (farm-dried) Packing Services since 1993."

BRC Chooljian Prize Logo.jpg

Chooljian Brothers Packing Co.,
Michael Chooljian
PO Box 395(3192 S. Indianola) Sanger, CA 93657
    (559) 875-5501
FAX (559)875-6618
                                                  "Since 1948 Chooljian Brothers have always exceeded the letter and the spirit of their business commitments. Today, Chooljian Brothers Packing Company continues to do business with many of the first family farmers and commercial customers who began with them more than 60 years ago!  Sweet, plump California raisins from a dependable supplier... Still a natural tradition from Chooljian Brothers Packing Company."


Del Rey Logo - Copy.jpg

Del Rey Packing Co
Gerald Chooljian

5287 Del Rey Avenue
Del Rey, CA 93616
(559) 888-2715
 FAX (559) 888-2715

 "80 years have passed since Neshan Chooljian began packing raisins and personally delivering them to market. His strong work ethic and uncompromising standards have been handed down through three generations at Del Rey Packing Company, and remains as the underlying force which drives our commitment to “Quality First.”


Fresno Cooperative Raisin Growers, Inc.
Jerry Rebensdorf
4466 N. Dower Avenue
Fresno, California 93722
 (559) 275-3710
FAX (559)275-3908

"Home of the 'TRY-MOR" Raisin" Since 1948. They offer a variety of candy covered raisins year round and they also offer harvesting and farming supplies such as, shovels, vine ties, and paper trays."


Lion Raisins
Bruce Lion

9500 DeWolf
Selma, CA 93662
(559) 834-6677
 FAX (559) 834-6622

"The Thompson Seedless Grape came to California in 1872 and by 1892 these grapes were on their way to commercial success in the Central Valley. In 1903 Alex Lion founded Lion Raisins and in that same year he shipped his first California Thompson Seedless Raisins to the East Coast."

national r.jpg

National Raisin Company
Linda Kay Abdulian
626 5th Street
Fowler, CA 93625
(559) 834-5981
 FAX (559) 834-1756

"Our family began growing raisins in California’s San Joaquin Valley during the 1940’s, well before the phrase “raisin capital of the world” became synonymous with the area. Nothing about that time was easy, and while growing would eventually become a labor of love it began as a labor of survival. At the time, agriculture in the San Joaquin Valley was poor and farmers were suffering, especially in the raisin industry. Raisin growers were not receiving a just and fair price for their product, and unless they could find a way to unify, their future seemed bleak. Fortunately, Ernest Bedrosian was determined to fix this."

River Ranch Raisins Logo  (2).jpg

River Ranch Raisins, LLC
Troy Gillespie         
4087 N. Howard Avenue        
Kerman, CA  93630
(559) 843-2294
FAX (559) 834-2286

"Over thirty year’s ago, a Polish immigrant couple George and Lenna Wagner returned to their roots by purchasing their first vineyard River Ranch in the Central Valley of California.  Since then they have been joined by their daughter and her husband, the Gillespie’s, growing premium raisin grapes in the vineyards nestled along the banks of the San Joaquin River.  Combining their decades of farming experience with new farming technology has led them to begin developing vineyards equipped with the new Dry on the Vine (DOV) raisin technology."

SunMaid Logo with Banner.jpg

Sun-Maid Growers of California
Harry Overly
13525 S. Bethel Avenue
Kingsburg, CA 93631
(559) 896-8000
FAX (559) 897-2362

"Sun-Maid has served consumers and customers since 1912 by providing premium quality raisins and dried fruits from the raisin and fruit farms of California to homes and eating establishments around the world. As a cooperative, Sun-Maid Growers of California is owned by family farmers who grow raisin grapes all located within 100 miles of each other in the Great Central Valley of California, midway between Los Angeles to the south and San Francisco to the north."


Sun Valley Raisins, Inc.
Ray Moles
9595 S. Hughes
Fresno, CA93706
(559) 233-8070
FAX (559) 233-8075

"Sun Valley Raisins has a rich history in the farming industry. For over 70 years the Moles family has farmed and delivered the best tasting California raisins, with reliable service and unmatched food safety. Innovations in mechanical harvesting were adopted by the family years ago and these innovations have led to better tasting, richer, and sweeter raisins that can be shipped around the world."


Victor Packing Company
Victor Sahatdjian

11687 Road 27 ½
Madera, CA 93637
 (559) 485-2858
 FAX (559) 673-4225

"We were raised to produce raisins. For four generations, the Sahatdjian family has grown raisins in California's San Joaquin Valley. Our company is nearly 90 years old, but we're different because our ideas are new. We continuously explore and implement innovative technologies in growing, processing, and packing raisins to produce better raisins and raisin products for our customers."