Meet Our Staff


Meet Laura!

Senior at Fresno State studying, Agricultural Communications

 What made you interested in Agriculture?

 During my senior year of high school was when I had my first introduction to agriculture. I was working on a project that was comparing different ways to re-purpose dairy waste water. During the project, I remember being so fascinated with the way dairies were ran and how the farmers had so many small details of information about the cattle, and see how much they genuinely cared about the animals. From then on I was instantly hooked onto the agricultural industry. When I entered Fresno State I learned about the agricultural communications degree, and was so excited to meet all of the professors and finally learn more about the entire industry of agriculture. I have yet to meet a farmer, or someone involved in the industry, that doesn’t greet you with a smile on their face and a firm handshake and that is why I love agriculture and hope to make an impact on Central Valley farmers.

 What are your duties at the RBA?

 I am currently working on going through the members of RBA, contacting different farmers to see if they’re farming, leased their land, or pulled out their vines. Its really fun to get to talk to all the different members and hear all about their stories of the ranch when on the phone. I also help out around the office, answering phones, setting up for board meetings and greeting people who visit.

 What have you learned about the raisin industry that is most interesting to you?

 I have learned so much about the raisin industry since starting at RBA, from basics to interesting tidbits. I think the most interesting thing I have learned about the raisin industry is how many grapes it takes to make raisins, I always had thought the number would be equal but turns out its not!

 What do you do outside of the RBA?

 Outside of the RBA, I go to school full time and run a business called Clovis Grows. I began Clovis Grows officially last summer, and have been learning so much and really enjoying learning the ins and outs of running a business. It has also really increased my respect for full time farmers, I farm a small two acre plot with different vegetables and fruits and can hardly keep up! It really gives you an appreciation for our farmers and how they are feeding the world.

 Where do you see yourself in the future?

 I will graduate from Fresno State this spring, and am hoping to stay in the Central Valley and begin working full time at an agricultural company combining my passion for agriculture with my communication and leadership skills.

 What’s your favorite recipe that includes raisins?

Hands down cinnamon raisin bagels, toasted with butter.