Raisins are not only a yummy snack... they are a source or multiple health benefits!


DENTAL CARE:Oleanolic Acid, one of the phytochemicals present in raisins, plays a crucial role in protecting your teeth against tooth decay, cavities, and teeth brittleness.

  1. EYE CARE:Raisins contain polyphenolic phytonutrients which have antioxidant properties.  These phytonutrients are very good for ocular health, as they  protect eyes from the damage caused by free radicals (oxidants), in the form of macular degeneration, age-related weakening of vision, and cataracts.

  2. HYPERTENSION: people have believed that raisins have the power to reduce blood pressure and protect the integrity of heart health, but it was only recently that experts began intensive studies on these claims.  Many of the nutrients packed into raisins are beneficial, but experts believe that it is the high level of potassium  in raisins that helps with this condition. 

    4. BONE HEALTH:Calcium, which is the main element of our bones, is present in raisins, and these dried fruits are also one of the best sources of Boron, a micronutrient. For those of you who don’t know, a micronutrient is a nutrient required by the body in very small amount as compared to other nutrients that must be consumed daily in significant amounts.

5.HEALTHY WEIGHT GAIN:Raisins, like all dried fruits, are very good tools for gaining weight in a healthy way, since they are full of fructose and glucose and contain a lot of potential energy. Raisins form an ideal part of a diet for athletes or body builders who need powerful boosts of energy.

6.RELIEF FROM CONSTIPATION: When ingested, raisins swell because thefiber present in has shrunk in a raisin’s dried form, but it will begin to swell due to the body’s natural fluids.



7.CANCER PREVENTION: Raisins contain high levels of catechins, which are antioxidants in the blood. Antioxidants help free radicals that float around the body and wreaken our organ systems and cells.  Free radicals are one of the primary, factors that lead to the spontaneous growth of cancer cells. Therefore, by including raisins in your diet and increasing the level of these powerful antioxidants in your system, you can prevent cancer from forming.

8.DIABETES: Raisins have been shown to lower the postprandial insulin response, which means that after eating a meal, raisins can help the spikes or plunges in insulin levels that can be so dangerous to patients with diabetes.

9.ANEMIA:Raisins contain a considerable amount of iron which directly helps in the treatment of anemia. It also contains many members of the vitamin B complex that are essential for the formation of new blood. The high copper content in raisins also helps the formation of red blood cells.

10. ACIDOSIS: Raisins are good source of potassium and magneisum, which are two of the most common components of antacids, because they are considered bases on the pH scale. These two minerals are both very effective in neutralizing acids and thus help to check acidosis and other related conditions.